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Prop Bag Guide

Prop bags are sold at the beginning of the show for $3 each, or 2 for $5. Cash preferred.

Do not throw anything at the actors or the screen. (So, if you don't buy a bag, you're a TARGET!)

Sorry, some stuff is not allowed: rice, real toast, hot dogs, squirt guns, open flames

  • Cover your head with the newspaper when Brad and Janet get stuck in the rain outside of the castle.

  • Raise your glow stick (or phone) up during There’s A Light.

  • Join the Transylvanians cheering in the lab by using your noise makers along with them.

  • There’s a birthday party in the movie! Put on your party hat just like Frankie does and sing along.

  • As soon as Brad shouts "Great Scott!" it's time to get your Scott brand toilet paper flying through the air!

  • Poor Columbia is having a tough time. Toss your sponge when she accuses Frank of being one.

  • Finally, during Frank's lament, toss your "cards for sorrow" and "cards for pain" through the audience.

Thank you for coming out to party with us!

We greatly appreciate your assistance in cleaning up and taking your trash with you on your way out.

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