Creature has always been a Rocky Horror fanatic, she loved going to shows in her home town and started performing Rocky Horror with the Full Body Cast in late 2015 and has been present since then. Her current roles are Magenta, Riff, Rocky and Janet. She likes all things dark and spooky and is an extreme garlic bread enthusiast.



Diva started with the Full Body Cast in 2001 on the lights crew. She started performing full time in 2002 and Columbia has been her primary role. She has also been in other roles for various theme nights. Diva looks forward to many more years with the FBC, be it behind the scenes or on stage.



Larry Ricky Bobby

Dr. Professor Larry Ricky Bobby joined after the show just after Halloween 2017. He started doing tech, but after being friends for a long time with the RKO Army, he finally auditioned to be the asshole of all assholes! After a crossover show with RKO, he ended up playing Crim as well!

LRB is a Chef/resturant manager and loves cooking food for his closest friends and will always feed anyone who is hungry. Just ask!


Panda started September 9th 2017 with the Full Body Cast and has enjoyed performing as Columbia, Rocky and Janet. She has performed in a National Convention All-Star cast and looks forward to more!

She's got broads in Atlanta.


Thorn's intro to Rocky horror was performing a really shitty version of the time warp for their high school chorus. While studying at Arcadia University they became producer for the university annual RHPS productions and performed as Columbia. They have been a member of FBC since Halloween 2017. They play Brad, Crim, and Light 3 and are an Associate Producer as well as the Chair of the Fundraising& Promotions Committee. 

Current Preshow Director and all around cutie.


God's Will

Will's introduction to Rocky was the same as many others- performing the Time Warp in first grade at her Jewish drama camp. Although she was initially terrified of the film, she finally joined FBC in August of 2019, and has loved every minute since. When she's not prancing around as the sluttiest slut/golden boy on stage, she can be found working props, loudly quoting Shakespeare, or having and existential crisis on the theater floor. Spontaneity is fun!


Athena has been on a Rocky Horror cast since April 2017. Stating on San Diegos cast before moving to the Full Body Cast in Dec 2017. She's been shadow casting Rocky in her friends living room since 2005, long before she knew people actually did that in theaters. She loves Harry Potter, Disney, theme parks, mythology nd Steven Universe.You an catch her playing her main Chick Janet and her side boy Rocky.


Been with FBC since Dec of 1997, she has been performing since spring of '98 and have been with the cast since. She has performed as every character and is a regular Janet, Rocky & Columbia.


Chief started performing in Rocky Horror at the end of 2017 with FBC as Columbia and Rocky. She claims that Rocky is her favorite way to escape reality on weekends. Chief is currently part of Long Beach CA's Midnight Insanity and Orange County CA's KAOS while away for school. We are looking forward to her return in 2019.

Harley Bean

First joined FBC back in 2010. HarleyBean is also a part of the RKO Army and The Teseracte Players of Boston. They have performed every role in about 7 states including MA, RI, CT, NJ, VT, NY, PA and in 2 National Conventions. Their favorite role to play is Rocky.


She needs to tell us about herself!

Lil' Rae

Lil' Rae has been performing Rocky since 2016, and is currently a part of both the Full Body Cast and RKO Army. Rocky Horror has been her favorite movie/stage show since 2006, and is ecstatic to be living her dream of being a part of a shadow cast. In addition to playing Janet, Rocky,Columbia Frank and Magenta, she is also the newest Casting Director. She has performed Rocky with 8 different casts in 3 countries and hopes to continue her journey in Rocky for many years.


He needs to tell us about himsel



Sofia started her Rocky career in 2008 and has been a member of the Full Body Cast ever since. She plays a number of roles including Rocky and Brad, but primarily focuses her acting on Frank. She has performed as Frank N Furter since 2009, holding the role full time since then for FBC and also performing as a guest in various casts across the country. She has several times been cast as a national all-star in the role. Aside from performing Sofia has also held the positions of Casting Director and President of the Board of Directors.

Needs to tell us about himself!


He doesn't even go here!

Is an actual mermaid.



Needs to tell us about herself!


Web Masters


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